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Jordan Tour

Jordan is part of the Holy Land and has several biblical attractions that attract pilgrimage and tourist activities. The whole of Jordan is dotted with sites of religious importance. Whether you are spiritually minded, interested in history or just curious as to where the biblical stories took place, you will agree that there is so much to see in The Holy Land of Jordan.


Egypt Tour

Egypt is one of the most frequently mentioned places in the Bible, found in references from Genesis through the Gospels.  Abraham journeyed to Egypt to escape a famine, Joseph took the same journey involuntarily when he was sold into slavery. Generations later, the Israelites became slaves in Egypt and were led out of bondage by Moses, who had been adopted into the Pharaoh’s family. 


Turkey Tour

Turkey has also lots of churches, sacred sites and archaeological excavations of early Christian settlements to visit. From the last home of the Virgin Mary to the first cathedral, From the Seven Churches of the Revelation, to hosting 24 saints, it is no surprise to find some of the Church’s most fundamental foundations and history in sites of pilgrimage throughout the country.


The services of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism were started in 2013. In the history of Pakistan none of the person or organization took such initiative of taking Christian community members to these sites written in Holy Scriptures. People now have ample trust on Karamat Ilyas for his knowledge, kindness, friendly attitude and competitive tour packages along with comprehensive information delivery according to Bible and history. He started this in 2013 and till todate led more than 42 group tours to such places under his supervision.


Karamat Ilyas is well known for his various milestone achievements within Christian community. He is the CEO of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism – the pioneer organization who has started the pilgrimage tours from Pakistan to Holy/Biblical places in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. He started this in 2013 and

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